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A former journalist and teacher, Johnnie Bernhard is an award-winning author. She has written four novels: A Good Girl, How We Came to Be, Sisters of the Undertow, and Hannah and Ariela. Her novels focus on the family, social issues, and the human condition. She served as a 2020 TEDx speaker for the Fearless Women Series. She also teaches craft classes for nonprofit writing centers throughout the country.



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All Night, All Day: Life, Death & Angels (contributor)

There is something mystical about holding the hand of a person who is “crossing over.” It can be heartbreaking, of course, but also very holy and beautiful. Some of the pieces in this collection share the experience of personal loss when a loved one dies. Often the presence of an angel or another mystical experience is shared. But not only in death—there are also stories here of the way the mystical world interacts with us in daily life. And not only angels, but also mothers, fathers, sisters, grandfathers, friends, and even a homeless man and a dog.


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