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Eve Brouwer earned her master’s degree at the University of Chicago.  She has been writing all her life, from Chia Pet ads in the ‘80s to parts of The Mad Cow Crisis: Health and the Public Good in 1998.  Since moving to Louisiana in 2007 and turning to fiction and poetry, she’s been a finalist in the Faulkner competition, was named St. Tammany Parish Literary Artist of the Year, and won the WNBA poetry competition.

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My Grandmother Danced

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My Grandmother Danced: A Novel

In 1913, at her own modest wedding reception, Sylvia, a naïve young bride, innocently commits a social blunder that sets tongues to wagging and—for better or worse—triggers events that follow her until her death 60 years later. Her faux pas? Accepting too many invitations to dance with her father-in-law! My Grandmother Danced is told in brief, lyrical chapters, by Sylvia herself as well as by minor characters, their identities noted at the beginning of each of their pieces. This innovative structure keeps the story brisk and fast-paced. Sylvia’s journey through life is straightforward and yet complex. Spiritual undertones complicate, rather than simplify, the story. The book touches on topics that make us examine our own ideas about adultery, war, homosexuality, prejudice, marriage, birth, and death. My Grandmother Danced appeals to readers who take pleasure not only in a solid story but also in pondering the whys and wherefores of a book’s characters just as we do the motivations and actions and consequences in our own lives.


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