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Anne Butler is the author of hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines plus more than 20 books. She has written about everything from true crime and swamp excursions to children's stories, culinary history, and historic main streets and highways, but her passion is the preservation of this area's fragile landscapes and unique backstory. Her most recent book, Deep Roots, documents the interconnections among many of South Louisiana's earliest settlers.



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Deep Roots: The Story of a Place and Its People

Imagine the presumably pacifist Quaker physician surviving the wilds of frontier Louisiana only to see his descendants marry into families of battle-hardened warriors. One survived being bayoneted nine times in the Revolutionary War; oone was tomahawked to death in the Indian Wars and his heart was eaten by the redskins to carry on his bravery; brothers served as Andrew Jacksons aides-de-camp at the Battle of New Orleans; and one was a seventeen-year-old marching off to the Civil War with his slave by his side. For a storyteller, this family is fertile ground, and for the reader, it is fascinating.


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