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Chef Joshua Hebert hails from Bayou Lafourche, where he grew up in the kitchens of his mother and grandparents. He learned and was inspired by the love they put into their family meals, earning the nickname “Potlicker” because he was frequently caught dipping a spoon into a pot on the stove. Hebert is the General Manager and Executive Chef at Roux 61 Baton Rouge and the owner of Bearfoot Culinary Services. He was a 2018 Country Roads Magazine Small Town Chefs Award Winner and the Runner Up in the 2018 Louisiana Seafood Cook Off.




1 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.
Cooking Demonstration Tent
River Road Recipes: The Textbook of Louisiana Cuisine


River Road Recipes: The Textbook of Louisiana Cuisine

River Road Recipes I is The Textbook of Louisiana Cuisine with 650 recipes. It has sold over 1.3 million copies since 1959 and is considered by most to be the textbook of Creole cooking. In fact, The New York Times said, “If there were community cookbook awards, the Oscar for best performance would go hands down to River Road Recipes.”


Book-loving volunteers are essential to the Louisiana Book Festival's success. Whether it's escorting authors, guiding visitors, selling refreshments, working with children in the Young Readers Pavilion or other fun and rewarding assignments, the Louisiana Book Festival wants you to join the volunteer team.

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