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Dylan Krieger is a Midwesterner who has called the bayou home since 2012, when she relocated to earn her MFA in poetry from LSU. Her debut collection, Giving Godhead, was dubbed "the best to appear in English in 2017" by the New York Times. She is also author of dreamland trash and No Ledge Left to Love, which won the 2017 Henry Miller Memorial Library book contest. 

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2:15 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Capitol Park Welcome Center, Glass Room
Louisiana Poets II

3:15 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Barnes & Noble Bookselling Tent
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dreamland trash

Praise for dreamland trash:

"This is the opposite of a sophomore slump. Like the latest subatomic experiments in above-the-speed-of-light velocity, for a fraction of a second, when the same particle is in two places at the same time, Dylan Krieger will be there and elsewhere. As if Giving Godhead weren't good enough, suddenly she hits out past light-years of stratospheres and reproductive insanities of biology back to the 'invertebrate mother' and the lunacy of a planet organized largely around humanoid self-destruction. The scale becomes both precise and enormous, echoes of things heard as if through water in a glass. You will have to think about the sound of it all for a few days, it is both so familiar and so volatile. dreamland trash is one of the most perfect IED’s ever made." -- Thomas Simmons, author of NOW

"'Holding whole generations up at sexpoint,' dreamland trash is ingenious, witty, and electric. We are just as likely to wake up next to a moaning unicorn as we are to be abducted by deranged YouTube automatic captions. It’s in this derangement that we begin to see the late- capitalist world inside out and upside down, for its cheap thrills and absolute devaluation of the self. Abandon and alienation are rendered in a linguistically dense, gothic style, deeply aware of the 'day-glo chokehold' we are all in." -- Sandra Simonds, author of Further Problems with Pleasure and Steal It Back 


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