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Fred Litwin is based in Ottawa, Canada. His newest book is On the Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser, which exposes the New Orleans District Attorney who ‘solved’ the JFK assassination in 1967. Litwin’s first book, Conservative Confidential, detailed his journey from anti-nuclear activist to gadfly on the right. I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak came out in 2015 and recounts his move to believing that Oswald was the lone assassin.

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Was there a Louisiana conspiracy in the murder of JFK?
with Fred Litwin, Alecia P. Long and Robert Mann (moderator)


On the Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser

Fred Litwin exposes the truth about Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney, who ‘solved’ the JFK assassination in 1967.

On the Trail of Delusion shows how Garrison persecuted an innocent gay man in order to spout his crazy conspiracy theories. There is also a touch of bribery and intimidation, the story of his attempt to charge a dead man with being a grassy knoll assassin, the former Marine he believed was a ‘second Oswald,’ several con men who turned the tables and fooled Garrison, the use of truth serum and hypnosis to recover memories, the ugly story of Oliver Stone’s homophobic film JFK, and a lawyer from Montreal who was unjustly accused of operating an international assassination bureau. There’s even a chapter with flying saucers. And a whole lot more.


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