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A lifelong pumpkin fan and ghost enthusiast, Mark Milbrath is thrilled to be using his overly-active imagination through words and stories. He has had plenty of experience using his imagination through numbers; he’s worked for many years as a TV meteorologist and commercial real estate appraiser. Milbrath enjoys playing the guitar, tennis, stargazing, walking in the woods, frequenting pumpkin patches, and the occasional late-October haunted house. His first two books, Pumpkin Spirits and The Pumpkin Room, won numerous awards.

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Book Talk
The Pumpkin Master
(Ages 8 to 12)


The Pumpkin Master

Stay A While And Listen...

So, you have gone and done it, haven't you? You went seeking more spookiness from the one and only Seed Reader. All his scary stories are stored safely inside of pumpkin seeds in the Pumpkin Room, which lies somewhere deep inside of his dark forest mansion. He has been waiting and he has 13 more creepy tales he would like to share...with you.

Be warned! Inside there is a mysterious old witch who lives in a lighthouse and does not take kindly to visitors. What could possibly go wrong with apple bobbing at a Halloween party and how does time travel make everything...worse? Mom and Dad are acting really, really, weird lately. Something is afoot! And what about that note sticking out under the basement door that says to keep out, or else? Careful of the ghost children who call the graveyard next door home and think twice before downloading the Halloween calendar app and opening the harmless looking fortune cookies.

These stories will stay with you forever....


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