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Carol Stubbs grew up with a love of reading and writing that was encouraged by her family. Her writing career has included being a journalist, freelance writer, English teacher, and author. She is also a potter and enjoys creating designs inspired by Louisiana swamps and bayous. She has co-written five books with Nancy Rust. You can find out more on their Facebook page, Nancy & Carol Books, or learn more about their books at

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When Bad Things Happen, Find Your Superpower
with Nancy Rust and Carol Stubbs
(Ages 6 to 9)


The Rose Without a Name: The Story of the Katrina Rose

The Story of the Katrina Rose:

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina swept through Louisiana and Mississippi, breaking levees and leaving great destruction in its path.

Of the 400 roses in Peggy Martin's garden, only one managed to survive the 20 foot waves that devastated the land...

Louisiana authors Nancy Rust and Carol Stubbs tell the story of a rose that continues to bring hope to many around the world. And Melissa Vandiver's beautiful paintings help bring the story to life.



Andrew Higgins and the Boats That Landed Victory in World War II

Andrew Higgins built boats that could "crunch through driftwood, bounce over logs, climb a beach," and "wham up on a sloping concrete sea wall." In World War II, that was exactly what was needed to get soldiers and Jeeps from the ocean to land. This biography for young readers traces the invention of the legendary Higgins boat-and the adventurous childhood of the remarkable man behind it.


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