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Christina Ward is a writer and editor and Master Food Preserver. Her 2019 publication, American Advertising Cookbooks: How Corporations Taught Us to Love Spam, Bananas, and Jell-O has been touted as “essential” by Florence Fabricant in The New York Times and a “great read” by Christopher Kimball at Milk Street Radio. Her 2017 publication, Preservation: The Art and Science of Canning, Fermentation and Dehydration has become the new go-to reference for food preservation beginners.





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American Advertising Cookbooks: How Corporations Taught Us to Love SPAM, Bananas, and Jell-O

Bananas in Ham with Cheese Sauce? Meat Salad made of ground bologna and gelatin? Spend any time on the internet, and you’re bound to come across gross recipes from the past. How did anyone with a single taste bud in their mouth come up with this stuff?

American Advertising Cookbooks: How Corporations Taught Us to Love Spam®, Bananas, and Jell-O® is a deeply researched and entertaining survey of American food history; connecting cultural, social, and geopolitical events. Author Christina Ward (Preservation: The Art & Science of Canning, Fermentation, and Dehydration, Process, 2017) uses her vast collection of cookbooks to tell the fascinating and often infuriating story of corporate greed and advertising and the manipulation of American cuisine.

Academic researchers have published histories of American food and politics, but Ward brings all these elements together to tell the larger story of why we eat what we do. Though easy to mock, once you learn the real history, you will never look at Jell-O® the same way again! American Advertising Cookbooks, How Corporations Taught Us To Love Bananas, Spam®, and Jell-O® features full-color images and essays uncovering the origins of favorite foods.


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