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Louisiana Book Festival WordShops
Friday, October 27, 2023, Baton Rouge
State Library of Louisiana


The WordShop component of the Louisiana Book Festival offers writing WordShops emphasizing craft. Faculty, both local and national, are highly credentialed and have a commitment to teaching. WordShops are serious educational experiences presented in a supportive, informal environment, appropriate for both novice and advanced writers as well as anyone who enjoys books and good conversation.

Equally important is the development of the Louisiana community of students and teachers who support art in literature as well as one another's pursuits. The Louisiana Book Festival WordShops function under the assumption that everyone is creative and anyone can write. We offer the tools to craft your work. We respect you and your writing, and whatever your writing background, we treat you like a professional and strive to boost your confidence to create. The varied backgrounds that students can bring to the classroom enrich the creative process for everyone; we welcome a diverse mix of participants.

Thank you for your interest in the Louisiana Book Festival WordShops. Registration for our 2023 classes are now closed.