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Selection Criteria

Submit a Book!

Submission deadline for the next Louisiana Book Festival is April 26, 2024.

The Louisiana Book Festival (LBF) was established in 2002 to promote reading by showcasing the publishing accomplishments of poets, writers, and others involved in the creation and promotion of books and literacy. The Louisiana Book Festival typically presents more than 200 authors, from Louisiana and beyond, whose books are published in the 18 months prior to the Festival.

Please read the following information before submitting a book to the Festival:

Participating in the Festival as a featured author is by invitation only. Authors who are invited to participate will be featured in a solo, moderated, or panel session; the Festival does not feature authors for book signings only.

What do I need to do for my book to be considered?

To be considered as a featured author for the Louisiana Book Festival:

  • Email your complete contact information to the Louisiana Book Festival office at
  • Send or have your publicist send as much of the following as possible:
    - Two copies of a finished book, galley/ARC, or manuscript you wish to be considered; electronic submissions will not be considered;
    - A list of honors, previously published titles, and publications of poems, stories, or articles in periodicals or anthologies;
    - Information about your ability to fund your own lodging and travel to Baton Rouge if your publisher is not covering the cost.
  • Your completed submission packet must be postmarked on or before the submission deadline posted at the top of the page.

Send your submission packet to:

Louisiana Book Festival
701 North 4th Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Please bear in mind:

  • There is no fee for submissions.
  • Meeting the criteria for consideration does not guarantee an invitation to participate in the Festival as a featured author.
  • Books submitted for consideration will not be returned and authors will receive neither feedback nor critique of submitted works.

What types of books are considered?

  • Fiction — both literary and popular fiction
  • Nonfiction — history, biography, memoir, essays, and narrative nonfiction
  • Cookbooks and food-related titles
  • Poetry (no chapbooks)
  • Children’s, young adult, and new adult literature
  • Art and architecture titles

What types of books are not considered?

The Louisiana Book Festival focuses on the promotion of literature and Louisiana literary culture; books on the topics of self-improvement, how-to books, or books strictly of academic or religious interest will not be considered.

No booklets of any genre will be considered.

What if I'm a self-published or self-printed author?

Self-published titles will only be considered if:

  • The title is bound.
  • Printed copies can be available for our bookseller to sell.

The consideration for self-published titles that meet the above criteria will be the same as traditionally published books, outlined above. The Festival will not accept self-published titles that exist only in eBook format or self-published works in the following categories:  photo books, self-help books, or poetry collections.   

Other independently published authors, including those whose books are not selected for inclusion, may take part in the Festival as exhibitors by renting space to display and sell their work at the Festival.

What happens when a book is selected?

  • We typically begin issuing invitations to participate in the Festival as a featured author in the spring until the roster is full.
  • We will ask authors who are invited to participate to provide materials for inclusion in the Festival program and on the website.
  • We do not provide monetary compensation for participation.
  • Any featured author whose work is not available via a wholesaler or distributor will be required to offer their book(s) on consignment to the festival's bookseller at industry standard, wholesale terms (40% discount and fully returnable).


Main Office Office: 225.219.9503 Fax: 225.219.9840
Exhibitors Office: 225.342.4938 Fax: 225.219.9840
Volunteers Office: 225.342.4996